Brush Cleaner
Brush Cleaner

Brush Cleaner

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This specially formulated soap is designed to quickly and efficiently remove residual soap scum and fragrances from shaving brushes.  Rather than go through the tedious process of soaking your shaving brush in a vinegar solution, this soap allows you to get your shave brush to like-new conditions in less than a few minutes.

Note: This soap is not designed to be used as a shaving soap.  While it will not cause your skin any harm, it isn't designed to provide the slickness, protection, and conditioning properties of a traditional shaving soap.


Start with a damp shave brush and swirl the brush around the Brush Cleaner tub for 30-60 seconds.  In either your shave bowl or palm, continue to swirl the brush to ensure that the brush cleaner reaches the root of the shave brush knot.  If desired, the handle of the shave brush can be coated with the lather as well.  Once the brush is thoroughly coated in the brush cleaner lather, rinse the brush and allow to dry.


Potassium Cocoate, Distilled Water, Potassium Citrate