About Red Panda Grooming

Red Panda Grooming is a California-based small business that produces artisanal shaving products.  Our goal is to provide quality shaving products at reasonable prices.  All of our products go through many rounds of testing and research to ensure that the final product is high quality and refined.

Shaving Soap

Our shaving soap was designed to maximize skin conditioning properties without compromising on slickness and protection.  We start with a beef tallow and stearic acid base to ensure a dense, protective lather.  To that base, we add a trio of shea butter, cocoa butter, and kokum butter to keep the skin moisturized and soft throughout the shaving process.  The bentonite clay maintains a high level of slickness, even with multiple passes on a single round of lather.  To finish it off, we use a combination of rice bran oil, allantoin, and vitamin E to leave the skin feeling soft and refreshed for the entire day.

To ensure that as many people as possible can use our shaving soap, we don't use lanolin in our formula.  This gives lanolin-sensitive shavers a great, tallow-based option for shaving without sacrificing the skin conditioning properties that lanolin normally provides.

Aftershave Splash

Our aftershave splash is designed to be a middle ground between an aftershave and a toner. It provides the smooth, clean feeling of an aftershave while nourishing the skin like a toner.

Brush Cleaner

Our brush cleaner is a specially formulated soap that is designed to quickly and efficiently remove residual soap scum and fragrances from shaving brushes.  This provides a fast and efficient alternative to the traditional method of soaking your shaving brush in a vinegar solution.